Tuesday, June 24, 2008

one week

The top 5 reasons why Daddy and Auntie Uma can not be trusted.

1)Gerber Peas are much yummier than

2) I should look on the bright side right? At least she is checking her mirrors.


4) I am at a loss for words...

5) You guys know we are Jewish right?

Seriously....I could not have survived without my wonderful Spouse and my wonderful friend. I am feeling much much much much much better. Like an actual person.

I even contemplated cleaning the house today.

I know, I know, don't rush into things you say. It has only been a few days.

Thank you to everyone for your wonderful thoughts of love and support. Truly, from the bottom of my heart. It meant the world.


Amber said...

So glad to hear you're feeling better! And as always, thanks for the baby pictures...cute, cute, cute.

the new girl said...

OMG, no! Don't rush into the cleaning the house just yet, sister. Take it easy.

The picture of your girl in the car made me laugh out loud. The Man puts my baby on his lap like that to drive around the corner from my sister's. It drives me around the bend.

He says, 'Okay, baby. Pretend you're a bag.'


Megan said...

Crap, I don't even clean my house when I feel great. Milk it as long as possible!

That wine picture is too much. Your girl is smart, she knows where the good stuff is.

Mrs. Chicken said...

Honey, never EVER waste positive energy on cleaning the house. Get outside with your girl instead and look at the clouds.

The cleaning can wait. Trust me.

So glad you are feeling better.

andi said...

So happy you're feeling better.

That pic of her with the wine is classic.

Anonymous said...

Coffee, Wine and Church and I wasn't invited? HARUMPH!