Monday, September 29, 2008

oops with an ending.

Allow me to fall all over myself with apologies for my poorly timed mini-vaca from everything but Facebook Scrabble all things internet.

I finally do have an update and an ending to what turned out to be a very long and very stressful summer.

See, Spouse was in danger of loosing his job. Well, maybe not in danger...lets say in imminent removal from. We had just 90 days for him to find a new one and let me just say those 90 days were hell.

There was pretty much a 98% chance we were going to have to move; whether it was to a new job in NH or back to NJ to live with my Dad. I even considered going back to work if Spouse was unemployed.

The horror.

We were making contingency plans.

We've been snipping at each other for months. There was no peace in this house, there was no money. Things were looking pretty scary.

And than a remarkable thing happened. This countries major financial institutions started to crumble.

Have I mentioned Spouse works in the crumbling financial industry? Well he does.

So finding a newer shinier job got that much harder. His old one started looking pretty good to him.

Have I mentioned Spouse is a pretty fast talker? Well he is.

And he gets to keep his job; with a few changes and a longer commute to a different campus.


We keep our house, we keep our new(ish) town.

We are actually happy again, a giant looming cloud was lifted. Can't you hear the angels singing?

So how did I celebrate? I instantly grabbed the baby and took off for Vermont to BF and family for a week. Leaving Spouse here alone. Aren't I nice?

Well it was the best thing; after this summer we needed a break.

Life is least that's what the tire cover on my Jeep says.

Now after I attend to my baby's cold/teething nightmare/growth spurt I will be blogging again.
I swear.

Oh and more cliff hangers...Promise.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

show me your poop face.

Yeah I know, it's wrong. But how can you resist a poop face like that?

Where have I been? Good question.

Involved, stressed and unsure. I've never been one to tell half a story so maybe tomorrow I'll know the ending; then I'll spill the beans.

No I'm not pregnant.

I know, I hate cliff hangers too.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008


After 11 days of hell waiting; I showered and flossed. Heaven.

I'm feeling much much better. The swelling continues to decrease...I look less and less like Franken-Mommy every day and more like me; which is such a good.

Eating has improved to foods I don't actually have to chew but can just swallow. Being that my jeans fit so well I am not concerned about this.


It seems that there is actually a perfectly good reason to lick a baby.

As long as it's your baby....

...and she is arm deep in a bowl of mashed pears that got away from you.


I had an awful dream last night.

Phoebe from Friends (not Lisa Kudrow...Phoebe) had Riley overnight while I was in the hospital for Lumpy.

My baby was not only not a baby when she was returned to me but she was Haley Joel Osment.

...And that is me off the pain killers.

Saturday, September 6, 2008


I missed eight.

We have been so busy. You go everywhere with me and there is always a smile on your face. This last month it has been doctors and hospitals. It has been other states, family parties and chaos.

I have fought through it all but you have born it with interest and unwavering patience.

My sweet girl, with every day I can see your personality more and more.

You are independent. You have my stubborn streak.

There are so many firsts. When you clapped. When you tried to crawl (backwards). When you mimic.

When I wasn't there to kiss you goodnight.

Above all things, your smile still lights up a room.

And those eyes. Oh those eyes, they are holding fast as blue but I know they will change. No matter the color (I personally am holding out for your father's hazel) they will always be intense and look right at my heart.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

the perfect diet.

I think I've finally figured out. After years of struggling with my body....the perfect diet.

I call it the Anti-Salivate diet and it's sorta based on Pavlov's Dog theory.

Think about food- make food- attempt to eat food.

Blinding searing pain. Radiating from my inner ear and pulsing through my whole head...certainly more effective than a bell.

If the food actually enters my mouth watch out, that is where the real punishment begins.

There's not a number on the pain scale for what I feel; and that's with copious amounts of percoset acetaminophen coursing in my veins.

My liver is loving it I'm sure.

Drugs I have to take (obviously) on an empty stomach. So if the cutting head pain wasn't enough to deter nutrition in any form entering my system the belly pains are a great follow up.

Psychologically it's really doing a number on me. Water seems to be the only thing I can have; but not too much. If I indulge a dull ache begins.

So the upside of having one of your main salivary glands partially removed is weight loss.

Take that Hollywood.

Because there has to be an upside; I'm really a glass is half full sort of girl.