Thursday, December 4, 2008

twelve. II

I remember the doctor telling us that "we have a girl". I know the exact moment I heard you cry. Your first smile, your first laughter and your first word. I remember the day you first crawled away from me and when you first stood. I'm sure your many firsts to come will dim some of these memories for me. You will grow and time will move faster every year.

But for all the days and years to come the one thing I will never ever forget is the first time you looked in my eyes.

My sweet girl, happy first birthday.


Megan said...

Happy First Birthday, indeed. She is just beautiful. Where is the puppy dog picture?

Domestic Extraordinaire said...

Happy Belated Birthday Riley!

Love the photos! Many hugs to you my friend!

Mrs. Chicken said...

Such a beauty she is. And, I hope, a balm for your heart.

Blessed be.

the new girl said...

She IS a beauty. Truly. She's getting so big, right? A real little person of her own now.


Swiggy said...

Where is Clink?
Where is Clink?

Hope you're ok!
Hope you're ok!

We miss your witty self
We miss your witty self

Come back please
Come back please

Sung to the tune of "where is thumbkin"