Friday, November 7, 2008


Dear Fellow Mommy,

You selfish twit.

Did you think it was a good idea to venture out to a play group activity sick?

What stroke of genius did it take for you to not only park you snuffly ass next to me and my baby but for you to turn your head in our direction and cough.


I understand I can't live in a bubble (although I certainly do try my hardest) but I would expect a certain amount of common sense and courtesy when nursing whatever illness you have.

Why haven't you seen me in three weeks? That's easy, because we have been sick. Unlike you I choose to stay within the confines of my home when down with disease.

I have been living the last month or so of my life mentally curled under my blankets in the fetal position; things are not all rosy and half full for me right now. I made a considerable effort this week to attend the play group activity for the good of my cagey daughter; we both needed to get out.

And the thanks I get? A cough. A sore throat. Geee thanks.

Now even if my immune system was not seriously compromised on a level you could not understand, I would be miffed.

Because you are sick and have no business around other moms and their babys. Got that? Food store I get, we all have to live....superfluous 1/2 hour activity that your aggressive and mean baby doesn't even seem to enjoy? Not so much.

So in short. To you and to your fellow germ ridden bone heads.

Stay the hell home.



Megan said...

Oh that is disgusting! I am so sorry. I hate it when people come to work sick and then feel the need to hover over my desk with the disgusting germs.

Whirlwind said...

Yikes! I hate when that happens! And here, I canceled an outside playgroup this morning because my daughter threw up yesterday morning. It was past the 24 hour mark (more like 26.5 hours) and she was fine and it was outside, but still, I would rather not pass anything onto others.

Really it sucks. But I totally see it happening around here, it's happened to me many times. Let me guess - G.Y.?

Anonymous said...

UGH. I can't stand it when people do that. My kids are in daycare & I won't take them if they are snotty, germ-filled messes. I wish other people would do the same.

Amber said...

Yuck. Who are these adults who don't cover their coughs?

Also on my shit list: people who sneeze/cough into their hands/blow their noses, then hand me their credit card or use my pen. Are they serious?

Sam said...

I'm not going to have to leave the house when I have this baby, right? I can just stay inside and ignore the world? Because that would be best for everyone I believe. Damn people and their yuckiness.

Domestic Extraordinaire said...

Ugh, I hate moms like that. Sharing germs is not fun at all. Feel better Friend!

P.S. Prack is the word verification....I feel like google is kinda sorta cursing at me. Mildly amused.

Swiggy said...

Mom's like that suck. We always stay away if at all possible when anyone in the house is sick. You haven't caught it yet, have you?

How's everything else going?