Friday, April 17, 2009

phenomenal cosmic power.

I don't think I've ever truly expressed how awful life was with my desktop. I don't think I ever really knew; you know? Because if you don't know how the other half lives then you don't really know what you're missing.

With my desktop, everyday I felt like this...

But now? Now I am joyous beyond words! There is a song in my heart and aching in my wrists music from my fingers as they go tap tap tap on my brand new baby.
I have power. Power that allows me to load never before seen web pages, open email attachments like a normal person and play an unhealthy amount of World of Warcraft finally upload pictures of my kid again.
All at the same time! Can I get a squeee-da-lee-do?
Because every day this little, yet deceivingly heavy, piece of technology makes me feel like this...

Zippity freakin do da!
....oh and check the pants out...with the Alice in Wonderland shirt? Too freakin much!


Megan said...

Congratulations on joining the rest of the world. Now you have no excuse for not posting pictures. Seriously, when did your newborn become a toddler? And do they make that shirt in adult size?

the new girl said...

Your post was like this to me: 'WOH WOOH WAH WOOH WOH WOH WOHH WOOH.'

You know, like Charlie Brown's teachers. Because SERIOUSLY??

LOOK how big your girl is getting!!

So, so cuuuuute.

Heather Durdil said...

so excited for you!!!

And the shirt is awesome-with the rock!!

andi said...

When did your little sweetness get so freaking big? Wow. Clearly I've been absent from the interwebs for way too long.