Saturday, May 17, 2008

Game Day

Yesterday while Spouse and I drove to Boston for a consultation with a bad arse Lumpy surgeon we had a heated discussion conversation about cites and skylines and my naive views of the world unwavering loyalty to New York City and how, in my opinion, it is the only city that is actually...well....a CITY.

The others of course just being a hodge-podge of many neighborhoods and some really tall buildings.

I made mention that NYC is probably one of the only truly recognizable sky lines. He of course thinks I'm an idiot disagrees.
So we decided to leave it up to you few readers internets. Give me your best guesses.






**As my little disclaimer...I have either lived or visited all of these places A LOT...therefore I feel that I am in a position to make ridiculous generalizations comparisons.


Anonymous said...

You would think I'd be at an advantage knowing where you've lived and where you visit however I'm a little stumped.

I think I've ID's Rochester, Boston, New Orleans and Providence.

I would think that Philly and Chicago are in there but not sure I can identify the skyline.

Amber said...

I suck at this game. But I can tell you that none of them appear to be Minneapolis, St Paul, Portland (Oregon), or Seattle. You may decide not to be my new best friend anymore when I tell you this, but I've never been east of Michigan.

EmilyPie said...

you win. I SUCK at recognizing skylines... except for Hong Kongs... I have that one down pat!

Mayzie said...

I'm with you, New York is the only recognizable city - but of course, I might be a little biased. I would like to think I would recognize the Chicago skyline after living there for two and a half years, but if it's one of the ones you have shown I must really suck.

Um, Lumpy surgeon? Tell more please. Hope all is ok.

No baby yet - less than 8 days to go.

Megan said...

What no Dallas? I think that is the only city skyline I know, besides NYC. Of course there are certain parts of New York I wouldn't be able to identify either. My husband guessed 3 of 5. Me, none.

Cheryl said...

Ok NY definitely, my sister said the second one was miami?? I've never been to FL so I have no clue.. rochester, cleveland, san fran.. but I have no clue on letter c.. is that boston?? I agree though.. you picked ones that aren't well known.. you should have gone with a st. louis, or a seattle.. those two people would have picked out in a second.. just like NY. I consider Philly a bigger city than any of those (except NY) but I may be biased because I'm right over the bridge. :D (I do so prefer NYC though over Philly!!!!!)

debawriter said...

Do i see a San Diego in there somewhere?

I'm certain I identified a Chicago.

Also, I do agree that NYC has the most big city lore attached to it.

Finally, I've never been to NYC, but I'm going in the fall, so I will confirm your theory.


Heather said...

I am pretty sure that D is Cleveland. The Chicken has pointed out the Pencil building for years. Can you find it?