Thursday, May 15, 2008

I could be sleeping...

...but I'm not.

I am here, blogging to pay homage to

To tell her thanks for the advice that I am now officially hers in a best friend capacity.

(see what I did right there? She told me how and I am going to do it so much you will stop reading my blog will never be the same!)

Rafting the Universe is a gem. As my JMIL would say...

Oui!!! Such a gem dahlin you would neva believe!


Amber, just let me know if you need any besty friend type stuff done! Shopping, cooking advice, an ear to lean on! I am here! Just ask my actual real life
BF. She knows, I am tons useful...well except that whole cooking thing. But I am a kick arse shopper!

Oh and also...I totally conceded to The New Girl and the
CRAZAY MOFO NEIGHBOR cage match. Because, well, because I was so out matched it was absurd to continue! Also, I was laughing so hard yesterday at this that I was unable to type for the majority of the day.

She wins these:

Well...not this actual box. Because you know, I ate all of these.

But I would get another one. And send it to her. Or to Amber. Because after all, I'm her new best friend.


Heather said...

I have always resisted the urge to buy these at TJ's, I always look down at the freezer stuff instead of up at the candy. Well except when I get the Joe-Joe's...can't live without the cookies! I am sure that they will probably jump in my cart next time I am there. Can I blame you for the extra crud that will probably rest on my hips?

Megan said...

Not really related to anything you just posted, but I think you need to record your JMIL and post what her voice sounds like. I kind of imagine it is like Mike Myers "Coffee Talk" character on SNL, but I want to hear the real thing.

Amber said...

Aw, shucks. It was nothing, really, but I'm not about to turn down your best-friend-ship. Especially since I suck at shopping.

the new girl said...

Are you going to send me TWO chocolate covered almonds from TJ's?

Because, that's probably the only way I could actually CONTROL myself.

Congrats on the strike-out. Beware, it's addicting!!