Thursday, April 17, 2008

there's something about Ernie it just me or is there something clearly wrong here?

Exhibit A:

The high end Pampers Swaddler (in my humble opinion, the KING of disposable diapers):

A healthy happy and clearly interactive Ernie.

Exhibit B:

The Pampers Baby Dry with stttreeetcchhhhy tabs. Although still effective, this is a lower quality diaper. A zoned out Ernie gazes at us. He has had one too many hits with the snake if you get my meaning.

This is the gateway diaper.

Exhibit C:

The non stttreeetcchhhhy tabbed Pampers Baby Dry. This is the Job-Lot diaper. Ernie is kicking back enjoying a cold one. Do you see the manic look in his eye?

I understand that a higher priced diaper can mean a higher quality diaper.

But a higher quality puppet?

Oh....and who the heck is this guy?


andi said...

You have no idea how hard I'm laughing right not. No idea.

I love stoned Ernie - I wonder if someone got fired over at Pampers for that one?

Heather said...

Well, maybe "that guy" is Ernie's "friend" He does look happy and almost like he is waving Ernie over..."C'mon over here dude, I have something totally stellar to show you man!"

Megan said...

"The gateway diaper!" That is awesome. Why does the high priced diaper have the high price puppet? Strange.

debawriter said...

I think your highly scientific observations should gain the attention of Sesame Street execs. AND I think they should pay you for future marketing research.

Because stoned Ernie is not a good Pampers mascot.


moosh in indy. said...

He's the Koala AA hired to talk kids though Ernie's rehab. See how engaged he is in making sure your kids are fully aware of what an "addiction" is?

the new girl said...