Sunday, April 27, 2008

the thumb is always greener

This afternoon, regarding the grass seed Spouse had just spread on the property....

Spouse (pointing towards area containing new garden bed): I put some seed over there too.

Me: ehhh...I was going to put more plants there that grass seed in the bed.

Spouse (looking): So...(long pause)...Its not like its going to do anything.

Me: uhhh yeah it is...its going to turn into grass.



Heather said...

I know I shouldn't be laughing, I can clearly hear the pain in your voice....but I am1

Megan said...

Nice one.

After a brief summer affair with a Walmart special pool, we had to reseed a perfect dead circle in the backyard. My dogs ate half of the seeds. Do you think grass grew in their stomachs? I still worry about that, even though it was over two years ago now.

Amber said...

Oh, but that'll be fun. Because pulling weeds is, um, fun.