Saturday, September 6, 2008


I missed eight.

We have been so busy. You go everywhere with me and there is always a smile on your face. This last month it has been doctors and hospitals. It has been other states, family parties and chaos.

I have fought through it all but you have born it with interest and unwavering patience.

My sweet girl, with every day I can see your personality more and more.

You are independent. You have my stubborn streak.

There are so many firsts. When you clapped. When you tried to crawl (backwards). When you mimic.

When I wasn't there to kiss you goodnight.

Above all things, your smile still lights up a room.

And those eyes. Oh those eyes, they are holding fast as blue but I know they will change. No matter the color (I personally am holding out for your father's hazel) they will always be intense and look right at my heart.


Whirlwind said...

She's beautiful. Have you been taking a picture of her next to the dog every month?

Amber said...

She's bigger than the dog now!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful as always! It's hard to believe how fast she surpassed the dog!

Megan said...

She just continues to grow! Happy Nine Month!

Domestic Extraordinaire said...

i can't believe how big she is...seems like just yesterday i was reading liz's blog about her arrival.