Tuesday, September 16, 2008

show me your poop face.

Yeah I know, it's wrong. But how can you resist a poop face like that?

Where have I been? Good question.

Involved, stressed and unsure. I've never been one to tell half a story so maybe tomorrow I'll know the ending; then I'll spill the beans.

No I'm not pregnant.

I know, I hate cliff hangers too.


Megan said...

Ha! Nice face. Can I share my pups' poop face? Probably not as cute.

Domestic Extraordinaire said...

looks like her eyes are almost tearing up there...lol.

Cliffhangers suck...good thing I like ya so much.


Anonymous said...

You really need to post a poop face video, cause really,the ear pulling and head patting is not done justice in a still photo...still no news??? UGH!!!

Amber said...

Ha! I love it. But wow, there's just no dignity in childhood, is there?

Looking forward to hearing the story...I think. Try to give it a happy ending?

Sam said...

I love poop faces. I'm a dirty girl like that I suppose.

Mayzie said...

Oh god! I wish either one of my boys had such adorable poop faces. We just get the turn purple face. Hey, I guess it's a good thing though that we can tell when it's happening...right?

the new girl said...

I hope that you're all right over there.

Great face.


Amber said...

This is worse than that season finale of Melrose Place where they delayed blowing up the apartment building until fall because something important had just been blown up in real life and an explosion in May would have been politically incorrect.

Hope everyone's okay.