Friday, March 7, 2008

Chewed By Rodents!

That was the official diagnosis.

Rodents. Chewed.

5 days and what they found was a wire...Chewed. By. Rodents.

Now I have two theories on this one. You tell me which is more likely....

The squirrels which are currently inhabiting my father's attic targeted me as the individual that called animal control on their fuzzy little behinnys. Having realized that it was in fact me, took action against me by deducing which car was mine and crawled up into my engine block to chew the wire which just so happens to control the main computer. Having done this they then returned to their comfy warm attic condos to await my destruction. They took great joy in watching me struggle with my car and laughed merrily as I was stranded. They took further aggressions out on me by constantly chewing and digging only over the baby's room; causing chaos while nursing and during nap time.

(please imagine all of this to the theme song from Mission Impossible)


This notoriously criminal dealership found a way to legally charge me for the computer that was covered under warranty.

Geee.....let me think....

After a large and loud argument with the service manager followed by forced payment (we may have to remortgage the house for this one); I am home.


Thank you all for your support, suggestions and kind words during my forced imprisonment.

What made it worth it?

My Dad bonded with the baby....awesome.

Said baby, upon seeing her father for the first time yesterday morning. SQUEALED.

With her whole body.

From the top of her head to the tips of her toes...she trembled and SQQQUUUEEEEEEAAALLLLEEDD!!

Now...if you'll excuse me. I have a scathing letter to write to Chrysler.


Megan said...

Well I am glad you are finally at home. How stinking cute is your baby girl! I love the description of her squeal.

BTW, all my inlaws work at Chrylser. I might have to tell them about the alleged rodent chewing.

Amber said...

Chrysler. Grrr. They're the same jerks who gave us a loan for our Jeep, then changed their minds about loaning us money a couple of days after we'd taken the Jeep home.

Good luck with that. But also, never underestimate the conspiratorial power of squirrels.

Heather said...

weasels are rodents aren't they? Maybe the weasels at the dealership targeted your Jeep and chewed that wire clean through!

Glad you are home. Hope you hear something from Chrysler....Like...."We're so sorry that this happened, as an apology here's double your money back!"

Enjoy your weekend....I will as soon as hubby gets home...he is driving in crappy, crappy conditions where they have told everyone to stay off the roads, but since he is a telecommunications worker they make him work...UGH!

Okay off to vent on my own blog!

andi said...

Rodents? How very odd.

Glad you're home, though - even after all the craptastic events.

moosh in indy. said...

'Nuff said.