Tuesday, March 4, 2008

outside the obvious

Ummmm yeah...Still here. The update...the dealer can not fix my Jeep either.


So as I slowly loose my mind here is my list for why I think it is best I get back to CT ASAP!
  • Stairs. In CT I have stairs and I miss them.

  • The last part of the BBS production of Pride and Prejudice is recorded on my home DVR.

  • Foot rubs. Need I say more?

  • Temprapedic mattress baby.

  • Sunny sunshiny house. My house is like vitamin D central all year long. It is the brightest happiest place I have ever lived.

  • My front loader washer and dryer.

  • In combo with #6, I would like to wear something besides the 3 days worth of clothing I brought with me.

  • Silent doors. All the doors at my Dads house squeak and it makes me crazy.

  • Speaking of squeaks. There are squirrels living in my Dads attic and they are building squirrel condos up there like freaking Doozers.

  • Riley is 3 months old today. (gasp!). I have neither the camera or the stuffed puppy I photograph her with every month - with me.

  • If I stay in NJ another minute I think I may strangle my JMIL.

  • Ummm the baby is actually out growing her clothes I brought with me.

  • I was firm on this one....I in no way shape or form ever wanted to live in NJ ever ever again. Now however, every day seems more and more like I am actually living here and it is making me very uncomfortable.

  • When a squirrel was caught today I found myself wanting to pet it. I miss my cats!

  • My fridge at home has a water/ice dispenser. Who knew that would turn into an indispensable item when you are forcibly removed from it for 10 days.

  • On the subject of water...I drink a TON of it...From LARGE Cups. I can not tolerate the 8oz drinking glasses in this house. They are for insane and clearly dehydrated people.

  • I am not ready for spring. It is coming here and I am afraid by the time I get home it will have arrived there.

  • If I don't get home soon I fear Spouse will have driven himself insane by watching too many hours of the NFL Network.

  • I am becoming a shop-a-holic for my baby. I have bought her 3 Easter dresses and we are Jewish.

  • I seriously, honestly and truly miss home.

All joking aside. This is the worst part of all of it. Spouse. Alone. Up there.

Sure he goes to work and he comes home as usual. But there is no one there to welcome him. He has not had a hug in 10 days! This is the longest we have been apart since we began to date. It is hurting both of us. But it gets worse. He is missing his baby. The baby I took with me when I left is not the same girl I am bringing home.

She squeals.

She grabs her toys.

She passes them from one hand to another and brings them to her mouth.

She laughs. Today for the first time. She laughed and laughed and laughed.

And he missed it.

I just want to go home now.



Amber said...

Excellent list. Simultaneously hilarious and heart-wrenching. I sincerely hope your Jeep is better soon!

Heather said...

oh dear. Why can't the dealer fix your Jeep? that is crazy. If the part is still covered under warranty and they can't fix it I think they need to get you a new Jeep. How far are you from home? Can hubby come down and get you guys?

Okay enough questions.....here's hoping tomorrow is better. Do not pet the squirrels or try to market their condos for them!!

the new girl said...

Rent a car one way, dude. Before Jersey EATS YOU ALIVE.


Not ready for spring?

Whaaaaa? Me no undastand.

Anonymous said...

Maybe I should have squeezed you two into my car and brought you home!

Mayzie said...


You can get home today or tomorrow for less than $200 on Jet Blue. Of course, you'd need to convince a few nice souls to take you to JFK and then convince spouse to pick you up in a state that he neither works nor lives in.

It's just a thought, though the car rental sounds like another good idea.

andi said...

Love the list! Hope you get home soon.

Megan said...

I laughed the whole way through, until the end. Then I cried a little! Go home! Go be with spouse! Is there a train you can take? Screw the jeep! Pack up now and go!

Anonymous said...

I agree. Rent a car and go home. The dealer or your insurance may even pay for it??

Cheryl said...

Awwww you should have called. :( I sat here all day and twiddled my thumbs! (ok not REALLY!) but we would have come and played and wreaked havoc in your life so you would have forgotten about your jeep for a little while! ((hugs))

Cheryl said...

I can drive you home tomorrow night if you like! Who says I can't leave my dh home alone with all the kids. ;)
That is... if you didn't already find a way home!