Friday, March 21, 2008

The Evolution of Laughter

Yeah...that's our big ass TV. Spouse bought that before we were married. I had no say. Oh and the picture on the TV. Well that is Brother and Spouse after the Superbowl. Usually I wouldn't have a picture on the TV itself, but this was a triumphant moment you see; so it holds a place of honor.
Babe and I are off to Vermont to spend Easter with BF and family. Nothing like egg hunting in the snow I always say.
Happy Easter!!!


andi said...

Aw. She's so big already.

Amber said...

Don't be surprised when you receive a bill for the surgery to reconstruct my exploded ovaries.

debawriter said...

I love the post title, the baby herself AND the outfit!

A trifecta!


the new girl said...