Saturday, March 1, 2008

there'll be days like this

Hi. I am in NJ.

It seems I will be here indefinitely. My Jeep is currently in the shop with its guts and vital organs tossed about the garage.

It all started innocently enough. Tagging along after BF to NJ and spending a few days with my father. Excellent.

But then these little life things can turn in a second. Click. Crank. Sputter. Just like that.

I try to stay positive and I try to stay stress free.

Calling on hypnobirthing skills....reeelllaaaaxxxx.

Bullshit. I am negatively effected (affected?) by my lack of Jeep and sleep. I was considerably stressed out when the most honest mechanic in the world, Sammy the Pure and True...tells me.....

(cue soundtrack of some horrible B movie slasher flick)

Not only can he not fix has to go to the

The Dealer.

Oh. Gawd. Not them. Pleeeaaase not them.

My home town Jeep dealer is notorious and they are the biggest crooks in the state. So here I am with CT plates and baby in tow. Doesn't that just scream fresh meat to them?

Lamb to the slaughter, wounded gazelle trapped by the jackals.

The second I walked in there I heard the maniacal laughter as the cartoon dollar signs rolled in their eye sockets. The drool dripped from the corner of the service managers mouth as I did my best not to tremble.

$1000 for some stupid little electronic part (like you know, the main computer) and it wont be here until at least Monday.

(cue tears)

When I was done hyperventilating I stumbled back to the phone to call Spouse. I explained what the jackal said. Spouse did major research and discovered (gasp!) this stupid part (uhhh computer) is actually covered under warranty.

I told the jackal this and he growled fiercely at me, he put on a great show of strength until finally he turned to find another, weaker victim.

So now, aside from diagnostic charges that could put my baby through college...I am stuck.

In NJ.

Not a bad place when it is somewhere you choose to be, but when forced it is maddening.

Its just me, baby, my Dad and the squirrels who are constructing squirrel condos in the attic.

Squirrels who are causing so much damage and making so much noise that I can hear them right now through the baby monitor. I am just waiting for one to come through the ceiling.

I knew I should have brought my pellet gun with me.


the new girl said...

oh no!
That totally sucks, dude.

I'm so sorry and very happy that you're part is going to be covered. That is key.

Best to you.

Heather said...

You poor thing! Good for you on making them cover the warranty computer. I can't believe he told you it was going to cost you before he checked to see if it was covered. Ugh, dealerships! We just had to deal with ours for dh's car. Apparently the loaner they gave us has a tranny leak and it looked like the car bled in the snow covered driveway....think I will call and let them know....NOPE...they will find out soon enough...*evil laughter*

Mayzie said...

Naughty dealer for not telling you the part was covered by the warranty!

We've had a computer go in one of our cars, about 9 years ago, but I do recall it being mega expensive at the time. Too bad you didn't bring it to the dealer first to do the diagnostic test, that would've been covered by the warranty too, no?

Hope everything else is going ok.