Sunday, July 13, 2008

my new neighborhood grocery store?

Dear Trader Joe's,

I am writing you to beg a new Trader Joe's location in Nowhereville, Connecticut.

Where you say?

Nowhereville (Yes I know it is a silly name). It's in the northeast corner of the state and very convenient to both the Massachusetts and Rhode Island lines. If you open here you will get three states in one! What a deal!

Seriously, Nowhereville has recently opened a large shopping center including a Lowes, Stop and Shop and soon to open Target and Bed Bath and Beyond. Since Nowhereville is now the only convenient shopping for quite a distance, this has generated a large amount of new traffic to the area.

Although you currently have stores in Worcester MA, and a new store in Warwick RI they are not easily accessed from the Quiet Corner of Connecticut. The traffic which formally would travel to these areas (like me) for shopping is redirecting to the closer center in Nowhereville.

I believe (because I am in no way biased or enchanted by your dark chocolate covered almonds) that this area is prime for a Trader Joe's.

As it is, organic produce in the area is spotty and the farmers market lacking.

For me, rising gas prices and a new baby prevent me from traveling as I used to, to secure the vegetarian pot stickers, chocolate cat cookies and aforementioned almonds, delicious and healthful food that your store provides.

What is a girl to do?

(insert begging and pleading for my very own Trader Joe's Nowhereville Neighborhood Grocery Store here.)

Your biggest fan

**name of town changed from actual letter, cause oh yeah...I sent this.


andi said...

You sent it? That is awesome. Too bad I didn't know about it beforehand, I could have gotten you to beg for one up here. I'm not even sure that there are any in Canada...

Heather said...

If you get one I am so stealing your letter. Or would you beg on my behalf? Right now I make the monthly trip there for my frozen goods. Wishing there were other stuff closer.

Megan said...

If that works I am going to start working on getting them down south! We are seriously limited on grocery store choices. Forget something organic/health food, I am just glad I have more choices than Walmart now. I was giddy when we moved closer to Super Target and a real grocery store! GIDDY!

San Diego Momma said...

OK, let me know if this works, because I've got similar letters to send to other stores I'd like to see in my area.

There used to be NOTHING where I live, but then an old navy base closed by us and the suddenly miles of property was open for retail space. SO, we now have a Trader Joe's (I'm nuts for everything they sell), a Starbucks, a Panera and more, more, more!

It's retail overload actually, but I'm ecstatic about the TJ's.

Amber said...

There are never enough Trader Joe's locations. The ones in my area are so far away that any savings on groceries would be totally nullified by what I'd have to spend on gas getting there. And I live on a main avenue in the middle of the capital city of a blue state. There's a Whole Foods a block away, but every time I go in there, I have to be wheeled out on a stretcher because the prices actually killed me.

I hope your letter works.

Whirlwind said...

Hi, I found you via the New Girl. I live in Nowheresville, CT as well. And I would LOVE a Trader Joe's (although I've heard possible rumor of a Whole Foods coming into the area).

And I am, totally counting down the days 'til Target opens - Oct. cannot come fast enough.

If your looking for some mommy meet-ups - email me, I know of some great groups in the area.