Tuesday, July 8, 2008


So it seems you are more like me then I feared.
While you come with a sunny disposition that not even the cloudiest day can sully...you also come with the unexplainable, inexplicable. BAD MOOD.

You get bored. So easily. A toy which held total fascination 15 minutes ago is thrown wildly from your body never to be seen again. Should I even dare to try giving it back you yell at me.

You yell at your mother, you mean it and you are only seven months old.

You and I could sleep forever. Curled into each other in a soft bed. Sleep has never been a problem. In that I am blessed.

You are social, we love to go on adventures together and neither of us ever.shuts.up.

When you are quiet, when you snuggle and when you are patient; you are your father. In those tiny moments when how something works not how it looks draws your attention; when you smile at me because you love me more then anything in this world.

Then you are 100% your father.

And I am more in love then I ever thought I could be.

Oh and look at that chubb...don't you just want to eat her up? Those thighs!


Megan said...

Yes, yes I do want to gnaw on her cubby thighs. How could you not?

Also, is it wrong that I kind of want to steal her stuffed puppy? Is that like taking candy from a baby, because I am not above that either.

Anonymous said...

hmmm, frustrated? yells at her mother? maybe you are raising a DQ...pahahahahah..I'm laughing with you, not at you....really....

San Diego Momma said...

She looks delicious! I'd also like to gnaw on those little baby feet.

the new girl said...

Oh man! She's getting so big. Look at her, all sitting up like that.

And those legs, yes.

Nom nom.