Sunday, July 6, 2008

Rule #37

Yesterday Spouse and I went to a BBQ at our neighbor's up the hill.

We had a really nice time enjoying other people entertaining our baby relaxing and chatting the day away.

When Riley's bedtime rolled around Spouse was fairly well lit and wanted to stay. There were horseshoes! and boccie ball! and beer!

While he did offer to take bed time in hand I accepted my fate as Mommy and brought the girl home for bath! books! and bed!

Today we ventured out for breakfast and when we returned home I announced thoughtless of my slightly hung over hubby my need for a nap.

Spouse agreed to take over parenting duties so I could nap. See I keep saying nap.

To me, napping indicates 20-60 minutes of shut eye.

What did I do? I went back to bed.

Four hours later Spouse woke me from my dead sleep slumber with a very hungry baby.

I was racked with guilt when I saw the clock. What kind of weekend was this for my hard working Spouse? Sure he got to take advantage of the best parts of yesterday...the drinking, the smoking, the not going home for nap and/or bed time while there was partying to be had.

But I just couldn't get passed the fact that he had to deal with a cranky over tired baby on his Sunday.

Then it occurred to me.

Maybe Daddies stay at the party and get to have a blast blowing off the stress from days spent away from home and working all week.

Maybe Mommies get to crash mid-day without being disturbed so they can catch up from the night wakings and the hours of sleep lost all week.

We both get our jobs done and have our rewards.

Although, only one of us seems to be able to remember to change her diaper and feed her lunch.

I guess we cant have it all.


Megan said...

Four hour naps are wonderful. I always feel guilty, but man are they worth it!

Anonymous said...

No guilt! You deserved it and so did he!