Wednesday, August 6, 2008


While at the family party last weekend.

Crazy Uncle (admiring Riley): "She truly has your mother's eyes."

Me: "uhh thanks Crazy Uncle but she really does look exactly like my father in every way."

Crazy Uncle: "No, I meant, her gaze. She has your mother's gaze."

Me (examining baby and her unwavering intent gaze): "Yeah...yeah she does doesn't she?"


While giving Riley a bath yesterday.

Nephew (all of 5): "Ummm when will she get her penis?"

Me (desperately trying to keep straight face): "She doesn't have a penis buddy, she has a vagina."

Nephew: "Well what's a vagina?"

Me: "Errrm, maybe you should go ask your mommy."


Anonymous said...

and SIL answered the question how?

Domestic Extraordinaire said...

LOL! I had a boy ask me that when Giggles was around one. His mom told her that she must of had one and lost it. "Go look for it" The boy (all of 4 I think) was sobbing and looking and calling for Giggles winkie to come out, cuz she really needed it!

Swistle said...

OH HAI. Clicked over from The New Girl. Just poking around---pls ignore kthanx.