Friday, August 1, 2008

if these were the categories on Jeopardy I would be SO rich right now or my bottomless pit of useless non mainstream information.

First let me say.

Wow. Really, thank you guys (ahem, ladies) for not letting me feel like the total freak I was thinking I should feel like. Instead, I sort of feel normal. And not nearly as overwhelmed. And although I haven't exactly taken the trip to the pharmacy yet (really, I am getting there) I feel stronger just knowing I have the option; and support.

So thanks.

Now...the post in order.

My diabolical plan on how I would win Jeopardy.


Joss Whedon; when it comes to Buffy trivia stake runneth over. Really, go on. Test me. I am begging for it see? Obsession is a tame word when it comes to me and all things Joss.

The Bridges and Tunnels of NYC and the surrounding boroughs; I am my father's daughter. While this comes with the down side of feet that are much too small for my body and a gigantic head it also gifts me the ability to zip around NY without need of a map or GPS. Want a back way into Yankee Stadium? I'm your girl. Stuck in traffic on the Van Wyck and need a detour, give me a ring.

NFL Referee signals; Yeah, I know them all. It was something I started memorizing to impress adults when I was little....and now I make my baby do them. She usually runs out of patience somewhere around "ineligible man down field".

Countries of the world; Not only do I know most of them (I say most because the former Soviet Union F's with me), but I can sing them to the Mexican Hat Dance.

Photography; This one is sort of a gimme since it's what I went to school for. To be fair however the wealth of my knowledge is pretty much limited to Photo II as those are the classes I TA'd for years.

Things Spouse said last week/last month/years ago that he has no shot at remembering but I can recall with deadly accuracy; A fight we have constantly is "he said/he did not say". I insist something happened a certain way, he insists it didn't happen at all and refuses to believe that I'm right because "he doesn't remember it". Well you know what? Not only do I remember it, I remember what we were both wearing and half the time the OPI color on my toes. I'll have "how I'm right for $1000 Alex".

Ok maybe that last one isn't the best example...but I'm bored and in New Jersey on a Friday night...

...watching Jeopardy.


Domestic Extraordinaire said...

Well if I am ever in NYC you can be my tour guide.

LOL about the last one. Even the nail polish.

Are you going home soon or in NJ for a while?

Amber said...

I'm a big Buffy fan, too, but I stink at any kind of detailed TV/movie trivia (except for the "What was that guy in before?" game--that's one of my skills). A very common scenario in our house is Eric saying a line I recognize and me saying, "What was that in, again?"

Also, I think that last thing you're good at is pretty much a universal feature of womanhood. We evolved that way, so we could remember where all the good berry bushes were. I believe that. Men should learn to respect it.

Megan said...

While, I was not a Buffy fan, I did enjoy Joss Whedon's Firefly and Serenity. Have you seen Dr. Horrible's Sing Along blog? So freaking funny. It was a Whedon project during the writers' strike. If you missed it, google it, watch it,love it!

And on the last one, that is why my blog is Naturally Right. I annoyingly say that to hubs all the time, but I can't help it. I really am always right!

Anonymous said...

1) I need to borrow Buffy
2) I can vouch for this have returned me home over the phone more than once!
4)How many times did we listen to that song in the car while you memorized it?
5) I can't test this since I don't even know what F-Stop is
6) Now if you can pull that stuff on spouse then you can't claim baby are so right though!