Sunday, August 31, 2008

all of those years of art school and I finally have something in common with Van Gogh.

This morning while talking to Spouse....

"It's been almost a week and I don't feel at this point that it's the stitches primarily holding my ear on..."

Really...I said that. In my kitchen. No one should ever have occasion to say that.

I think I have turned a corner this morning. Not because I can mock my predicament. Ok a little because I can mock my predicament. But because I woke up this morning and felt like me again.

Not the drugged up, sliced open version of me that was totally incapable of caring for either herself, her husband or her baby.

I completely underestimated the surgery and the recovery. For some reason I never really thought about it; I was too busy focusing on my smile.

I just figured a little slice here and there, Lumpy would pop out and that would be that.

Not so much.

They took my ear off.

Yeah you read that right.

They cut it and flipped it back and lord only knows what else.

I was F'ed up! Ask BF, she was here (out of the never ending goodness of her heart) and she took wonderful care of me. But she can support me here without me having to post really gross pictures (which I am happy to do if you guys want to see them). I was F'ed up.

I still cant feel my ear, but after cleaning out all the crusted yuck from it this morning I can hear again. So there's that.

The stitches come out Thursday and then I can actually shower.

I haven't washed my hair in a week.

So lets recap....Crust, stitches, sliced ear and neck, goo, yuck, no shower.

Go one...line up and who gets to be friends with me!


Sam said...

Oh oh pick me! you wash a little first?

Megan said...

Wow, you left out the whole cutting your ear off part! Holy cow. I am glad you are feeling like yourself again, but seriously how are you surviving the dirty hair thing? That would drive me insane!

Anonymous said...

I love you even if you are crusty, smelling and look like VanGogh after surgery :)

my eternal goodness is based soley on getting baby love *wink wink*

Amber said...


But seriously, gross pictures are one of the ways to my heart.

the new girl said...

Oh man.

Post-surgery ear crust.