Monday, December 10, 2007

BF Haiku

Hours of sleep gained.
Sister, friend, baby guru.
Please do not leave us.


Michelle said...

I hope everything is going well. I haven't stopped thinking about you guys! Let me know if you need anything (that I can help with over a computer).

Isn't is funny to watch the squirming and stretching she does, and then you realize that those were the movements she made before she was born? (No baby, I didn't need that liver that you just soccer-kicked!)

andi said...

I wish I'd had a baby guru to stay with me during the first tough weeks. I'm sure you're doing amazingly well.

andi from Poot and Cubby

Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry I had to leave. If only my children were feral I would have stayed :) I'm willing to work my baby guru magic again as soon as possible though!

Michelle said...

Thinking about you guys.

Are you able to pump any and store extra milk for when you have to take meds? Then you'll be able to have a good supply built up in the freezer. Just a thought. It might be a good idea during the "bowling ball boobs" phase when it seems like you could feed triplets plus an entire town.

You have to take pictures of every little face she makes and everything she does. Of course they are all different! A half-smile, a turn of the head, eyes open a little more, etc.

I still remember how much my first weighed at every check-up until she was one year old!