Wednesday, December 19, 2007

The M Factor.

Maybe it's just new Mommy jitters but I am starting to worry.

I am not the 'call the doctor' type...I have never been that girl I don't want to be that Mom.


My baby sleeps.


Like through the night.

Ok, take a minute...hate me.


Moving on.

At first I thought it was the greatest thing ever. EVER. Whose 5 day old sleeps through the night? The first time it happened I flew out of bed at 6AM thinking something was wrong with her. I grabbed her hand. She grabbed back and snoozed away.

So when it continued I was just thankful for my wonderfully sleeping baby. She would nurse all day so why worry? In fact, last night was only the second night in her all of 15 days old that she was up at 3AM looking for a snack.

And it was a short lived one.

But today....sleeping.

All day.

Really...that can't be good right? She has eaten 3 times since 7AM. How is that healthy?

For those of you that say 'Wake her' let me roll on the floor laughing for a moment.

There is no waking my child.

Seriously we tried to last night. She needed to nurse because she had been asleep forever.
Everyone I talk to is so well intentioned with advice but this is the thing.... I have tried it. I have stripped her, lotioned her, bathed her, made her do sleepy gangsta dances with her hat pulled down low over her eyes.

I did everything short of throwing her out in the snow and nothing, nada, not a peep.

She scootched, she squirmed, there may have been a squawk.
But she never opened her eyes. Not until purely exhausted from trying to feed a sound asleep baby I put her in her bed and turned to mine.

Then she woke up.

So today, since shes been asleep since noon I tried to do the same thing. I went to take a nap.
She is still asleep and with the exception of growing concern I am very well rested.

So I am worried. If it continues I just might call the doctor; however at her check up he said "If she sleeps for 12 hours and is lethargic there is a problem". When she wakes she is anything but lethargic.
Its just the waking that is the problem.

Oh my god how I wish more then anything I could ask my mother. I know I slept like this. I remember stories she would tell of how she would come in and pinch me.

(I still sleep like that)

There is nothing I need more right now then my mothers advice and its just not possible.

That makes me SO angry.

So my solution? Because I just don't know what to do.

The dishwasher is running, the laundry is washing.
Next...the vacuum.

If that doesn't wake her I am going to reconsider the snow option.


Mayzie said...

I've decided that it's never a good idea to wake a sleeping baby. We listened to that advise when Ryan was a wee one and it only ended in breastfeeding not going well at all.

Relax. If she's hungry, she'll wake. When she is awake, she's pink and alert - right (yellow and drowsy is when you need to worry). Just take joy in the fact that you're producing enough and then you can throw it everyone's faces.

BTW - so jealous, I doubt my experience with our next will go nearly as well. I'm seriously considering hiring a full time lactation consultant - that's how bad things went with Ryan.

Anonymous said...

Let me know when the hate mail starts to roll in LOL.. a sleeping baby..a big old wet raspberry to you my friend. Sleeping...a new mother, of a breastfeeding infant. You suck!

Michelle said...

Now if she's not wetting the target number of diapers and not having sufficient bowel movements, then it's a problem. The only time sleeping is a problem is when they sleep too much to conserve energy because of inadequate caloric intake. If she's gaining weight, wetting 6-8 diapers per day and having 3-4 BMs, she's fine.

Some babies are just born sleepers. Some babies won't sleep 14 hours per day as newborns. It's all about temperment. I'm sure she'll have days where she does different things, and some where she doesn't sleep as much and nurses like crazy because of a growth spurt. And it sounds like she's the baby who tanks up during the day and sleeps in the big stretch at night. The first time one of mine slept for 7 hours straight, it scared the shit out of me.

Sometimes they don't follow the "rules". She didn't read the book about how long she was "supposed" to sleep. I can imagine how nervous I'd be in the same situation.

If you have another kid, it will be the one who keeps you up 24/7 screaming non-stop. ;-)

Babies can be easy sometimes. You just don't hear about them as often!

Michelle said...

So how is sleepy baby?

the new girl said...


I just don't know what to say.

*passes out cold from the envy*

btw, I so know how it feels to want your mom at a time like this. It really, really, really sucks, friend.

We're here with you.