Sunday, December 2, 2007

If we were Patriot fans the baby would be here by now.

I really do believe that. Did you see the Giant game??

That is not however what this post is about.

Tomorrow, 7:30 AM I get a Pitocin cocktail. That's if the snow lets us get there on time.

I love snow though and we have Jeeps, so no worries.

I have been thinking about the beginning of my journey.

On March 13Th 2007 I had a funny feeling in my belly. Butterflies.
I had felt so odd the week before. I was at BF's in VT. I was SO dizzy the whole was bad. I thought it was the lump in my jaw pressing on my inner ear and throwing off my equilibrium. I thought it was the wood burning stove. I thought it was the MS.

BF didn't think the last one for the record. I remember her saying it..."I have seen you sick and you are not sick."

Neither of us ever thought about any other options.

I got home and a couple of days later I was sitting in the office (now nursery) messing around online. I was most likely lurking on Poot and Cubby or Moosh. I was a big lurker.

Like I said, I had butterflies. I also had an appointment with an ENT that day to check on lumpy. Since you all know, lumps shouldn't be ignored and I had been soundly ignoring mine since September.

With great determination I did not understand I got up from the computer; I walked downstairs to the bathroom....I picked up the pink box and took a pregnancy test.
I don't know why, I didn't really think I was pregnant. The thought had not crossed my mind that week. I also knew it would be to early to tell.

And there it was.

Bright as sunshine

The second coveted pink line.

I looked at it. I looked again. I looked at the box...back to the line.

I don't know when the tears started. I just know at some point I could not see through them, I began to hyper ventilate.

We were not supposed to be able to do this.

My old doctor told me so...literally, I quote. "There is nothing wrong with the gas station but the on ramp is a mess..."

Really, that is what he said.

So here I am so many months later. So many aches and pains, surprises and joys. So many complaints and just one little scare.

...and tomorrow is the day we have been waiting for.

...and I am so very grateful.

BF will post sex, time and weight when she can. I will be saving the birth story for when I get home. Thank you ladies for your love and support. It means the world to me.


Michelle said...

Wow. It's amazing that the day has come. The little squirmy critter is actually gonna be out in the world for all to see.

Each time it hurts, just imagine your cervix opening up a little more, bringing you that much closer to seeing the baby.

You will do fine. Whatever choices you make will be the right ones. This is your time.

andi said...

Good luck! I can hardly wait for you to meet the baby. Try not to fall asleep standing up (trust me, it's possible), take care of yourself, and come visit us on the Internets when you feel human again.

andi from Poot and Cubby

Mayzie said...

I know you're at the hospital already but, GOOD LUCK!

Hey, it could have even happened already.

I hope all goes well and can't wait to hear all about it.

Oh, The Joys said...

Wow. On so many levels. Wow - the writing is fantastic and wow - congratulations!

Julie said...

It's 9pm and I'm still waiting to hear. I'm going crazy Cor.....