Saturday, January 12, 2008

Balloon Race

Yeah...So, you know that carnival game where you shoot water into the mouth of a character to fill the balloon up?

Well has anyone else ever reached a ridiculous limit of frustration with their crying 'for no apparent reason' infant?

A limit where they found themselves spraying breast milk into the infant's wailing gaping maw for fun?

Have they continued to do it until they realized that their nipples actually had pretty good aim?

Have they found great amusement when said infants wails ceased, and a look of "What exactly are you doing woman??" passed across their face?

Just me?

I was afraid of that....


Anonymous said...

Nope, never did that. I always called you and then left you with the kids while I escaped pahahaha

Anonymous said...

Uhhh...I think you've lost it...just a little, anyway.

Too bad you can't convince Elizabeth to drive all the way down to give you a break for a few hours - I mean, doesn't she owe it to ya?

the new girl said...

I never did anything FUNNY like that when my crazy, crazy baby was SCA-REEEEMING for hours on end. It might have made for more fun/less desperation.

I usually just took a bath and cried.


I say, what.ever. works, sister.

Anonymous said...

Like The New Girl, I opted for the crying. I wish I had a little fun while the baby was crying (never did master the art of spraying, though).


Unknown said...

I did that once and hit her in the eye. Well, it was when I was new to nursing and didn't realize that milk comes out of about 7 different nipple openings at one time. But mommy milk cures the pink-eye, so I guess it's not a bad thing.

I even shot myself once trying to unclog a duct. Overactive milk ejection reflex.