Wednesday, January 16, 2008

I blame "Nap Time"

Not that I am complaining, because I know I have it really really good.


The kid most certainly in no way shape or form slept through the night last night.

In fact she was up. Every hour.

Every one.

Up and CRANKY for about a total of an hour.

Then she would drift back to sleep and I would attempt to do the same.

This would take her about 2 minutes and me about an hour.

Remember the part where I said she was up every hour?

Good times. Good times.


Michelle said...

Growth spurt maybe?

Do you eat dairy?

Clink said...

Oh she is spurting! Plus there is a fine balance between naps and bedtime...we are still working on it.
I do eat dairy...Doctor said its fine though :)

Michelle said...

Just didn't know if it was causing irritability. My second and third were bothered by any milk in my diet. It wasn't initially when they were born, but within the first month or so. By the time they were about 5-6 months old, milk was ok. #3 had problems with more stuff, but outgrew it and has no food allergies now.

Sometimes night waking and other changes in behavior and/or fussiness can indicate intolerances to foods in your diet.
Has your doctor mentioned an elimination diet?

Good luck!

Mayzie said...

Has the sleeping gotten better since this post? If so, it was likely just a growth spurt. Having her nap shouldn't result in waking so often during the night.

Is she in her own room? Maybe if you didn't hear every peep from her she might go back to sleep before you realized she was awake.

How's recovery for you going? MS reappear yet?

Thinking of you,


Michelle said...

I have been wondering about your MS too. How have you been?

Anonymous said...

Good times, indeed. Nap time always bites me in the ass.