Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Is It Wrong??

Please feel free to weigh in on the following moral and ethical problems I am currently facing....

1) Is it wrong to want to unload a cat because he annoys you? Really...We don't like him...he smells like death, he eats puke (eeekkk), he CRIES at all hours of the night for no reason and he is deeply deeply stupid.

I mean, you cant get rid of your kid if you just don't like it so does the same apply to pets?

2)Is it wrong, when putting your baby to bed, to consider not pulling her arms through her onezie and calling that a swaddle? This child has never met a swaddle blanket, mechanism or technique she could not best. So why not just remove her arms entirely from the equation by forgetting to put them through the sleeves. Logical right?

3) Is it wrong that you totally ignored a minor fender bender that happened right next to you in a parking lot? There were extenuating circumstances...the babe was starving, you know, wasting away to nothing, kind of hungry. I had just popped her on and I hear 'Bang'. I don't think they saw me there, tinted windows and all, and they both stopped and exchanged info...but I didn't step forward with the "she did it" side of the story you know?

4) Is it wrong to feed your spouse Hot Pockets 5 out of 7 nights a week? You really have no idea where the day goes and right around the time you remember you didn't eat lunch he comes home for dinner. What else can be done??

5) Is it wrong that when gifted with two and only two Superbowl tickets that you totally forget your cousin who uses one of your season seats all year long? You forget him to the point that flights are booked and paid for and then you think..."Hey wait a minute...shouldn't one of these seats go to Ray??"

...that's just today. I could easily do this once a week.

So whats the input?

What in your life is just wrong?


the new girl said...

Oh, dude.
NONE of that's wrong when you're post-partum.

Eating an entire half-gallon of ice cream and calling that DINNER isn't even wrong.

Live it up, I say.

ps. did you already try the miracle blanket?? It really was the only swaddle that could hold my girl.

Randi said...

We were pretty close to getting rid of Josh Greenberg. Fortunatly, he stopped running over our heads at night. Give beans to Abbe and Kevin. Ghetto pig will adjust.

Is spouse still going to superbowl, oops.

Anonymous said...

1)Poor Beans, so snuggly but so needy. Just remember how devastated Bacon would be if Beans left. Of course you could send him to his favorite person Kevin and just be over and done with it.

2) It's OK to not put her arms through as long as you tie the unused arms behind her back so she can't escape

3)All is fair in love, fender benders and nursing babies!

4) You really need to start feeding that man, he already gets most of his meat on the outside. Crockpot baby!

5)Ray? Superbowl? nuff' said

Michelle said...

The man can't feed himself? He should be cooking for you. You gave birth to his kid, and the least he could do is make a meal a couple of times a week. It doesn't matter who's at home during the day. Can he cook anything without critter carcass in it?

The other stuff, I wouldn't sweat. Especially the sports thing. And the fender bender? People should be more careful. Not your problem.

Woman, you gotta focus on keeping your body healthy and pain-free and keeping that kid from catching fire, falling out of the window, etc. And focus on keeping things nice and happy with yo baby daddy. After he cooks for you, I mean. ;-)

Mayzie said...

None of that is wrong at all.

I've had that very same thought about not putting arms through the onesie. It would just make things so much easier. Our son couldn't stand being swaddled and would get out of everything we tried. Finally, we just gave up. Apparently that's what he wanted and was a much easier baby to deal with after that.

We kicked our cats out last spring after dealing with years of them peeing everywhere but where they were supposed to. When they started peeing in the son's room that was the last straw. So, after strictly being indoor cats for five years of theirs lives, they are now strictly outdoor cats. We feed them several times a week and have a hole in the shed for them so they can go and get out of the elements. We see one of them almost everyday, the other one is a hider and I may see her every other month. It was a hard decision for us, but for me especially. I kept thinking about the same thing you do "if we get rid of them because they're misbehaving, will we get rid of the kid if he misbehaves?". Illogical, I know. But, given the fact that I was given away very young it was a thought that kept coming up in the arguments me and hubby had. Now, I'm kinda glad we did it. The house doesn't stink anymore and we don't have to worry about friends being allergic to cats.

As far as the hot pocket and superbowl tickets thing, I say every man for himself.

If spouse doesn't like the thought of coming home to one more dinner of hot pockets, he can pick something up on the way home - right? Or, even better, he could make dinner for the both of you. Yeah, you'll eat later than you might probably like, but for now the baby and you come first.