Saturday, February 9, 2008

The baby is...

I spend an awful amount of time examining and making fun of the stress factors of new motherhood.

So for a twist of events...lets examine and make fun of some pretty good things.

I am back in my VS undies folks. That's right! And no matter how broke we are (ahem, Superbowl) I am buying mama some brand new spankies!

I am back to my pre-pregnancy weight. Granted, everything is in a different place but who cares? WAHOO!

Crazy statistic..I packed on 40 lbs while the bun was in the oven...ummm but that was ALL gained in the last 12 weeks...(this is what happens when you are sick for 28 weeks and then wake up hungry one day...very very very hungry).

However, it has taken just under 10 weeks to ship it off. All this while doing nothing but breast feeding. Imagine what will happen when I actually do crazy stuff like eat right and exercise.

The baby is a road warrior. A warrior I say! While putting her in the car seat induces absolute defiance on every level, the actual road tripping is a breeze.

Up and down the east coast this kid puts on a show for all she meets. Yesterday in fact she had a very in depth conversation with the crinkly cricket hanging in the back seat. I can not imagine what they were discussing but the cricket for one was taking it very seriously.

Ready for this one? I can sleep on my belly!


This means so much to me that I even punctuated the entire sentence (which I never do)...I will even do it again with greater enthusiasm so you really get it.


Spouse and I actually had a moment last night where we didn't hate each other. Our neighbors were here for dinner (check us out being all adult like) the baby was sleeping and we were talking to other people but no matter!

There was no crankiness or aggravated tones to our voices. We were both (dare I say it?) happy at the same time, in the same room. For the same reason.

...and finally...Spouse is upstairs right now giving his daughter a bottle and putting her down for a nap...and I'm doing this!

Rock on!

(Oh and for those of you interested in that dandy graphic up top you can get it here. Just be sure to get your wallet out first so you don't have to get up when you are all like "ooohhhh" and "aaaahhhhh" and "I have to have that!")


Amber said...

Congratulations on getting your body partially back! But mostly I just thought I'd meander over to tell you I dig your new profile photo.

Cheryl said...

Luke got that exact shirt in his stocking this Christmas. lol

Congrats on being able to sleep on your belly again! I still, today, relish the little time I get to sleep on my belly, when Luke actually sleeps in his own bed. lol

Anonymous said...

I do loves me some tummy sleep. Sleeping while pregnant is so annoying. Oh, and I'm trying not to hate you and your pre-pregnant weight self. Hmpf! I guess I should lay off the chips, huh?


Anonymous said...

ohhh, tummy sleep! That's a good one!

John from Grand Haven, MI said...

nice work on the reduced level of hatred in your casa. the true test of parenthood (because i'm such a friggin' expert) is whether you can actually talk about something other than the kid with the neighbors.

the new girl said...

Congrats on all your milestones.

I couldn't sleep on my stomach for FOREVER because the enormous BOOBAGES got in the way!