Sunday, February 3, 2008

...and a very happy XLII to you!


For those of you who may not understand and/or care about professional sports here is something you will get into.

My baby fell asleep at 4pm.

She woke up for a very late dinner at 11pm.

She is back asleep.

She actually let me watch the Superbowl...uninterrupted.

She must love me lots!

If the Giants hadn't just won the Superbowl then that would make me feel like I won the Superbowl.

Ya know?

Maybe not....

Can I say Superbowl anymore?




Cheryl said...

Best SUPERBOWL I think I've ever seen. Seriously. Our boys ROCKED it!!

There was a sign up at our local Sports Authority- the one that I went into asking for Giants stuff and they said "we're 7 miles from philly, are you kidding me??" The sign said "If the giants somehow manage to win the Superbowl, we will open at 6am Monday selling Champion shirts" I want to totally go in and laugh in their faces!!! :)

Megan said...

Since I am a Cowboys fan, my husband and I weren't too concerned with who won the Super Bowl. We did decide to make it interesting with a friendly wager. Thanks to the Giants, I don't have to plan or cook dinner for a week! Way to go GIANTS!

Heather said...

Wow your guys won the superbowl and the babe slept through it. You Rock!!! or she rocks!! LOL! Off to Drug Mart to get some drugs....and now that you mention it, some M&M's as well.

according to your random word verification "I am Bus" Hmmm, learning english through word verification....catchy