Wednesday, February 20, 2008

squash crackin

The recipe said I needed to peel the skin off this....
...but it is not so much skin as rind. Can you peel rind?

Yes...recipe...not instructions on a box for how long to microwave it.

Here is proof of an actual attempt at cooking something in the Casa de Clink.

(looking for stove top manual to figure out how to turn the thing on)

So how do you suggest I do this?

(contemplating enlisting local squirrel)

It broke my carrot peeler and I almost cut my finger off using a knife.

For someone who doesn't cook I have a killer knife set.

You know, out of the box sharp because they never get used. Well that is not completely true. I use one in particular all the time to cut vegetables of the simple to peel variety.

Is there some kind of peeler of phallic vegetables on the market that I am unaware of?

(I know what you are thinking...get your mind out of the gutter)

Whats that you say?

Baby on the counter? I don't see a baby on the counter.

(whistles innocently)

If there is a baby and a bouncy seat on the counter and no one is there to reprimand you is it still wrong?

Later that night....

Me: Is it ok if I have this here last brownie?

Spouse: Sure

Me: Are you sure sure, it's sorta huge and you know, my ass certainly doesn't need more brownies...

Spouse: I don't care about your ass, I care about your happiness...



andi said...

Ha ha ha. That last line of spouse's was classic!

I have never, ever seen a recipe calling for "peeled squash". I always just bake it and scrape out the innards. Let me know if you figure it out, m'kay?

Megan said...

Good man, very good man. Never step between a woman and her brownie.

I am practicing my cooking skills these days too. You know what I found out. Fresh garlic makes your fingers stink and I need stronger soap. Good lesson don't you think?

Amber said...

I had to peel squash once, for a squash soup. I also had to cut it into chunks before roasting it, so maybe this won't work for you, but I think I cut the squash lengthwise 4 or 6 times and then used a knife to cut the squashy part away from the rind.

Also, I don't see anything wrong with babies in bouncy seats on counters. That's why bouncy seats were invented, no? Why else would they have rubber grippers on the bottom?

Mrs. Chicken said...

No help here.

Baby? What baby?

Mayzie said...

You might want to ask Casey, over at the Moosh about the squash peeling. Although, I'd be inclined to do one of two things (if I were to ever eat a squash, you know). First, I would likely attempt to gut it like a jack-o-lantern. When that didn't work, I would go with what Amber said.

As far as the baby goes, I just thought you were cooking on the floor...yeah, that's it...

Oh and the brownie thing, my hubby would have said I could have the last one as long as I made some more as soon as I was done. Hhmph, sounds like I need to work on him a little.