Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Her Crowning Glory.

I haven't cut my hair in about 12 years.

(not on purpose anyways)

My hair is my only real vanity. Well and my nails, but for the purpose of this post it is all about my hair.

As my Bubs (Jewish Grandmother) always said..."A woman's hair is her crowning glory".

(Imagine her saying this with great flair and drama...all Bubbies talk with great flair and drama)


Clearly a bumper is not a woman's crowning glory.

(more on her later)

Traumatized at the tender age of 9; a blind Irish nun thought I was a boy- I decided I would never ever cut my hair again.

And I stuck to it.

What I grew was a poofy 1980's blown out disaster.

If 'Air Supply' was a hair style it was mine.

You know the Pekingese? Sorta like that without the low to the ground waddle.

I thought I was all that.

Then, when I was about 16 I realized that my hair was actually curly.

We're talking spirals.


I flooffed, I flounced, I fluffed.
I hung my head upside down to shake and shimmy every curl into perfect placement.

Great care and execution was taken in hair presentation.

But now?

Who has time to flooff, flounce, shake, shimmy or you know...wash hair this long?

My once cascading waterfall of auburn curls has been reduced to a near dreadlocked state....and it's gray.

(%^*#!&$ Irish blood)

So I am cutting it off! Off I say! Off with the hair!

Locks of Love OFF!

But I am freakin' man.


Because, the only times I have attempted so much as a trim I have been butchered by sadistic bottom dwellers.

So I asked my OB, who has very much the same hair type as I do -where she went.

I mean I trusted her with the life of my child so my hair is the next natural progression right?


...and next Saturday...

(the 23rd, not the 16th; as I believe the 16th to be this Saturday therefore making the 23rd the next one...get it? Spouse doesn't, this is an argument we have daily.)

...next Saturday I am going in.

Cut. Color. Style.

And again I say I am FREAKIN'...

Because what I want is this:

But what I fear I am going to end up with is this:

Blind Irish nun indeed.


Cheryl said...

I'm sure you will look BEAUTIFUL no matter what haircut you end up with. I love your hair! Wish mine was so nice! :)

Megan said...

Good luck! I have always wanted curly hair, but after a perm gone wrong, I decided I would appreciate what I have. Think poodle licked an electrical socket.

Do we get pictures of the end result?

Anonymous said...

Your new cut will be hawt - don't worry! And I demand before and after pics to witness the cuteness.


Mayzie said...

I would give anything for your hair - no matter what the style. I think the style you've chosen is great.

Now, how can I get such a wonderful dew? Yeah, I know, not possible.

Good Luck!

Anonymous said...

Thanks, I just shot snot coffee out my nose all over my screen...it's that last picture that did it... darling you will have a wonderful experience, it will be a great cut, your crowning glory will be all that plus some kugel (that was for Bubs) because "Dahhhling, I have all my money RIGHT HERE" (clutches boobs and wiggles)

Jennifer, Le Binky Bitch said...

OH that's wonderful to give your hair up like that. I hope you'll be happy with the result!!!

the new girl said...

great, great pics.