Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Fair Market Value

The thing about my baby is she deprecates in value every day.

Sorta like a new car.

She even has that new baby know, spit up and soiled diapers.

Yesterday morning she giggled for the first time. Giggled! I don't think she meant to do it, and I may have scared her a bit with my "Holy crap!" reaction....

So last night she decided to do it again. You know, at 2 AM.

She tried and tried. Ummm...until about 5 AM.

Problem is, I refuse to acknowledge any creature in the middle of the night, I don't care how cute it is.

Spouse refused to acknowledge her too. Her smiling, cooing, kicking, arm flailing self went completely ignored.

For 3 hours.

In the middle of the night.

Instead Spouse and I starred at each other while she flailed between us.

We didn't say a word. We just looked accusingly at each other.... "It is your fault she is this cute" looks on our faces.

This morning both Spouse and I are dying....dying we are so tired.

Which for me, is a very dangerous prospect indeed.

The baby?

Resale value of just a little bit less then yesterday.

We did however realize in our non-sleeping states we may have made a mistake on her name.

You know how toddlers pronounce 'R' and 'L' as 'W'?

That would make her "Wiwey"

"Hewwo, I'm, Wiwey (Suwname)!"


Mayzie said...

Hee hee. Just wait until she starts blowing raspberries in the middle of the night, you won't be able to contain your own giggles.

Ryan pronounced his name as eye-an for a while, which then turned to lion, which then turned to Ryan. His friends Jacob and Kaleb were both Jebick. Now he's been calling them by their real names for over a year. She'll get the hang of it, and her friends will catch on real soon.

Anonymous said...

I have proof of this very phenomenon over at my place too. Children are definitely way less cute in the wee hours.


Anonymous said...

I'll give ya $10 for her :)