Thursday, February 7, 2008

Tis' the season

Wiwey is 2 months old!

Now that I have your attention...

I live in the northeast and we sure love our seasons!!

Football Season.

Baseball Season.

American Idol Season.

Yeah...I'm that girl.

Let the games begin.

Oh and on the subject of pointless but ruthlessly entertaining reality TV.

I think it is going to be Christian, Jillian and Romi in the final 3 for Project Runway.

Christian wins...he is such the princess and I love him!


Cheryl said...

I was telling James yesterday that it was definitely going to be between Christian and Jillian. I don't think Romi has a chance. Sure his execution is steller.. but he is SO BORING!

Christian is my boy. I love him!!! He's almost as good as my boy Santino a few seasons ago! *lol* (Ok him I just loved for the drama. ;) )

Ali said...

i *love* american idol even made me cry this week...(hangs head in shame)

Anonymous said...

Dude. She is just ridiculously cute.


the new girl said...

I can't believe that your bebe is TWO MONTHS OLD ALREADY!


So, so cute, dude.

Heather said...

too the post with baby goodness in them. You could probably tell us that we all stink and we wouldn't care because of cute lil bean up there!

And girlfriend...I was with you for Baseball, football, and What?!!? American Idol!!??! I think the cold has gotten to you or something....LOL, I just can't go there. People think I am nuts b/c we don't watch it. The girls do, hubby and I just don't. So it must be us, because the rest of the world is with you! Gosh, I should really get with the program!

Anonymous said...

Cutie - that Wiwey!

Don't let anyone bother you about Idol. I personally don't watch it, but I do watch So You Think You Can Dance, which is just as bad.

Hope all is well!