Friday, February 1, 2008

Can't Sleep...Clowns Will Eat Me....

ehhh...So the Peanut M&M Candies I bought today say "Tear 'n Share Size" on the package...

I ate the whole bag.

Who are they to tell me if I should share my candies?

Do you think some people feel inadequate with their lives based on what commercial packaging tells them?

Subliminal inadequacies?


I can't watch those "How Its Made" food shows.

If I watch mass production of a food I can never eat it again.

Like when I saw how they made Gummi Bears. Trust me you do not want to know.

Not that I even like Gummi Bears.

Once, when I went to see the second Lord of the Rings there was one stuck to the movie screen.

A red one. I watched him travel across middle earth. Pretty dramatic stuff.


Talking food bothers me.

Not Veggie Tale talking food...advertising talking food.

The M&M guys, The California Raisins, The California Cows, The Shredded Mini-Wheat guy who wants to stalk your children to school.

Wanda Sykes as an apple for Crapplebees...

...and why is the Peanut M&M guy kinda stupid? The regular one seems ok, although admittedly he has a bit of attitude. He doesn't seem fond of the Peanut...I am not even sure why they hang out together.

There was one M&M commercial from last year where a guy pours a bag of the candy down his throat.

The animated M&Ms actually looked scared.

What kind of advertising is that?

What little things bother you??


the new girl said...


I LOOOOOOVE me some of those how it's made shows. Going waaaay back to 'how they make gum' on Sesame Street. I could watch them all day. I do admit, though, that a lot of the stuff they show is stuff that I don't eat on the reg anyway.

Little things that bother me? Uuuuh. Words like 'delicious' to describe anything OTHER than food.


Elizabeth said...

Not only did that gummi bear travel through middle earth some one in that theater had a nasty ass cough.. remember that? YUCK!

I personally don't like when they impose other people's lips/talking mouths on a picture... freaks me out!

pootandcubby said...

I can't articulate anything that bothers me at the moment because I'm too distracted by the sound of my own laughter. The gummy traveling through Middle Earth - priceless!


Michelle said...

Oh honey. There are so many things that bother me that I need to be in therapy for them. Seriously.

My asshole of a fake mother used to beat the hell out of me because I had "high expectations of people".

The one that really pisses me off lately is when people misuse the word "impact". It's supposed to be an engineering-type term, but people use it as a verb. "All of your studying will impact your grades in a positive way." Hel-lo! Don't we know the word affect anymore"?

Now if you were to say, "The driver was killed instantly upon impact", then that would be correct since it is referring to the forceful striking together of two objects.

Of course, "impacted" is a fun word. Having to glove up and dig hardened feces out of the "business end" of a seriously constipated patient would have a serious effect (not impact) on their frame of mind.

So I just moan and groan about native English speakers who really can't speak English. That and about a thousand other things.

Mayzie said...

Supposably bugs me.

Especially when the person saying it is teaching a class that I'm in for 8 hours a day for three weeks straight, and don't you dare correct him.

Yeah, that's what bugs me, uh SUPPOSEDLY

Bananas said...

I soooo love this post.

moosh in indy. said...

squirting snot out my nose and water out my mouth picturing a red gummy bear traveling through middle earth.
Things spelled cutesy is mine.
Like Karoline's Klippies for Kute Kiddies.