Saturday, November 3, 2007

The earth laughs in flowers...and apparently at me.

One of my great loves is the love of gardening. Of the earth and green growing things. However in the last 9 months I seem to have lost the ability to nourish anything but the baby.

Yes I know, not the worst trade off in the world but...

I have developed a "black thumb".

Exhibit 'A'
Exhibit 'B'
**I spent the better part of the summer trying to assassinate this plant. To acknowledge my efforts it tripled in size and flowered. So I decided to let it win and to keep and love it.

The next day it looked like this.

Oh and if this weren't bad enough it seems I have also lost the ability to bake and have it look remotely appealing.

In hindsight I should have nixed the frosting and gone back to bed....

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

You and that plant LOL. Is that the jade spouse repotted for you? Maybe it'll come back. My chemical intervention seems to be working :)

The cake looks yummy, despite the frosting job...go Giants!