Monday, November 26, 2007

'D' Day +3

I wanted to thank everyone who has been reading and commenting for your support! I have received wonderful advice and a lot of love, it's nice to know I am not alone in this one. I am really loving this bloggy world!!

Originally I composed a whole post this morning about the ins and outs of "home labor induction" was pretty detailed as well as being insistent that it was the last I would say on the matter! I was moving on!
It was good! I laughed...I was better then cats. Not cats (nothing is better than cats) but CATS....which almost everything is better than!

But...we saw the doctor today and after much discussion and a non-stress test (baby is perfect) an induction date was set for a week from today!!! I will get another non-stress on Thursday to be on the safe side.

It's nice to know there is an end in sight. One that works for me (I so want the baby to come only when it's ready) and my doctor (who is not comfortable letting a pregnancy go beyond 41 weeks). I know some of you would say it's not up to her, and I agree...but I trust her and she really listened to what we had to say.
If it were just up to her she would have induced me today but I really was not comfortable with it and insisted on the fetal monitoring! (Thanks for that tid-bit BF!)
Monday is a good compromise.

Then on the way home I looked at the date and got such a shiver!
(Remember I am from Jersey so imagine me saying this in my best Jewish accent "...such a shiva dahlin! You would neva believe!!")
December 3rd.

Odd how some things just happen.
Or fail to the case may be.


Anonymous said...

YIPEE!!!! I'm so excited :) and such a good day for it to happen :)

andi said...

Sounds like an excellent birthday. (Even though I hope it comes sooner...)