Saturday, November 10, 2007

Those aren't the breasts I married.

As I was getting ready for bed the other night I hear Spouse say "Huh...Well those aren't the breasts I married".

I rolled my eyes and put on my tank top (a sleepy tank I have been wearing for years and although in pregnancy it barely reaches what I have left of a belly button I refuse to part with).

"I know, they wont stop changing...I am outgrowing those last bras I got...I think I am an 'H' now..."

He says nothing and when I look over to him he is just sitting there glowing with a large amount of pride. A 3 years olds "I did this!!!!" sort of look.

Another eye roll.

I am glad he is proud I tell him, but its down right uncomfortable. Shirts don't fit me right, bras this size are expensive and hard to find plus there is always the sleeping issue. Sometimes I feel as if they are going to smother me.
Towels and my bathrobe are useless. Between how much I have going on up front in combo with the belly I can no longer reach to upper shelves of anything. My feet are a long lost sight and shaving my legs is an ordeal. I fear what these mammoth things will do to our baby when I try and use them for what they are intended for.

They stress me out.

None of this phases him...he just looks incandescently happy.



Mayzie said...

Uh, yeah. I get the same looks from my Hubby - he even goes so far as to hide my sleeping shirt so I have to crawl over him to find it and he can ogle even more! I'm with you - MEN!

andi said...

An H! I've heard that's rather uncomfortable, but (sadly) haven't experienced it. I'm just busy celebrating my giant C cups while breastfeeding. Soon, they will wither away to their old B selves. Luckily, the hubs isn't a boob man.

Cheryl said...

The longer you breastfeed- the longer they stay large- ask me how I know. :(

You have a nice big package coming out to you- leaving NJ on Tuesday! (no mail tomorrow, wah!)

Anonymous said...

muahahaha.... and no one every believed me when I said I couldn't find bras that fit. They do go back down, eventually.. you can join me in the DDD club :)