Wednesday, November 14, 2007

To Do

Today's "To Do" list.

  • Finish packing for baby.
  • Begin family holiday shopping.
  • Obtain all needed information for friend doing shopping favor for me in NJ.
  • Get Pedicure -with the hoonanny nay nay on display for everyone to see dang it my feet are going to look good when this kid comes out!
  • Visit Old Navy store for baby bunting -only item not secured. (Next to pedicure palace...excellent!)

Today's "Reality".

A night of false labor...2 hours total sleep.

A moose in BF's yard. Cool!

Xmas shopping begun...check.

Elusive breast pump kit being picked up in NJ and mailed to me by rocking friend...check!

Beloved relative on life support. Oh god.

Hysterical phone calls to Spouse where he assures me he will take me to NYC for services if needed no matter when or how. Breath, stop crying. Call other relatives for full story. Agree man made of steel and will bounce back. Only positive thoughts! oven.

Toaster oven in fact.

What's that smell?


Fire in the house?!?!?!

Not good.

New plan for day...scratch pedicure plans. Go back to bed and add "buy new toaster oven" next to "get pedicure" for tomorrows "to do" list.


Mayzie said...

Ugh! Sucky day. I'm sorry about the relative - I hope all turns out well.

Too bad Old Navy doesn't sell toaster ovens.

Hope everything else is going ok (with baby and all). Keep me updated.

Anonymous said...

hmmm, can anyone who's had a kid guess when the lunatic writing these posts is going to have the damn baby? I'm voting for tonight..or tomorrow, either is good LOL... good luck with the toaster oven and trust me. No one is looking at your toes :)

Cheryl said...

Hey I have a nice bunting if you want it.. I haven't sent out your package yet, so I can stick it in there.. just save all this stuff so if I ever get silly enough to have another child, you can send it back. *lol* Its white- so completely gender neutral. :)