Thursday, November 15, 2007

Personally I am 'Out'!

I am so (excuse my language) fucked up right now, about timing, obligation, illness, family, death, and not being able to pay my respects in the way I feel I need to that I can not articulate it without a 5000 word rant and many many run-on sentences.
I have tried to and honestly- no one wants to really read that.

So I will just say this to distract myself into thinking this is what I will focus on for the day.... and to fool all of you into thinking this is all that's really going on right now in my life that means enough to blog about.
(see how I still sneak those run-ons in!)

I LOVE Project Runway! It's back!!!!!!!
Lest you judge too quickly know this...I am by no means a 'reality TV person'.
I like sports.
Nor am I by any means a 'fashion person'.

My understanding of trends is "Do not leave the house with food stains on your boob (if it can be helped)". The only true fashion statement I ever make is- hmmm does this Yankees hat endanger my life living in New England? The closest I have ever been to "a nice dress" was my wedding gown and shhhhh I got it discount.
I also wore sneakers....silver ones....but they were still sneakers.

Oh and clearly that's not me on the link.

If it were I think I may care a bit more about fashion then seeing what a bunch of catty or funny people can create on TV.

This is me....

See....the 3 of us combined know so much about fashion that we had to spend 10 minutes making sure the dress was on facing the right direction....

That said...don't you think Heidi Klum's voice can be sorta annoying?

You know, if you put aside her amazonian beauty and just close your eyes and listen.


Cheryl said...

You wanna love PR even more??
(don't open with kiddos around- for those of us who have kiddos at the moment! *lol*)

You know who I'm rooting for? ;)

Anonymous said...

AWWW Crap! Does this mean Uncle Joe died? I'm sorry if so :( Love the shot of the dress although I really must correct you. I think it only took your fashion challenged bridesmaids 8.5 minutes to figure that thing out. But the lacing up the back was exquisite...nice boob shot of myself if I do say so :)

Mayzie said...

I'm so sorry for all that's going on right now. I hope you're managing ok.

Uh - who thought up wearing sneakers under your wedding dress? That person's a genius!! Where were they when I got married?

the new girl said...

Aw, you're cute, kid.

I'm sorry that there's a bunch of crap going on in your life. For the last two years before, during and after my pregnancy, there were many a shit-storm. It sucks that you can't have just that *one* thing to focus on, as it's stress enough of its own.

thinking of you.

Julie said...

I love Project Runway too...and I too have no need for fashion.