Sunday, November 18, 2007

Answers to the World's Most Annoying Questions.

Since the New Girl beat me to it...(I had one drafted...I just needed to be quicker! Small world this Blogosphere is...).
...I have this.

  1. Nope, not yet.
  2. Yes, we would have called you.
  3. That's what they tell me.
  4. VERY Pregnant.
  5. It hurts.
  6. Yeah I am done.
  7. Kinda like "Marvin K. Mooney Will You Please Go Now"
  8. About 20 minutes away.
  9. Yes someone will call you.
  10. All the time but just the fake ones.
  11. 11/23
  12. Yup just one week.
  13. If we don't have the baby yet then I am cooking.
  14. No, nothing too fancy, just the two of us and only Spouse will have turkey.
  15. No vegetarians do not eat turkey.
  16. No fish either...I am a v-e-g-e-t-a-r-i-a-n.
  17. Veggies and Yams and such.
  18. Yes I get enough protein.
  19. We know what it is, a baby, we just don't know who it is.
  20. Spartacus Rex...happy? We aren't telling.
  21. I really don't care, just healthy.
  22. Well you wont be the first to know, but someone will call you.
  23. I don't know who, someone, there is a call list.
  24. No when the baby is born, not when we leave for the hospital.
  25. About 20 minutes...I already told you that.
  26. Baking cookies.
  27. He's playing solitaire on the TV.
  28. Yup, we are just killing time and waiting.
  29. Yeah, it's moving and grooving but wont leave.
  30. Everything is ready.
  31. The cats are fine, they wont bother the baby I assure you.
  32. No, we do not need a net.
  33. My Dad is ok.
  34. He has to go see a Neurological Opthamologist.
  35. I'm not sure.
  36. Yes he is excited.
  37. Probably not, he isn't feeling well.
  38. Thank you but he cant travel.
  39. We will let you know.
  40. You really want me to call you about that?!?!?!
  41. Yes we will still call you when it's born.
  42. I'm not sure, depends when it's born and the holiday season in general.
  43. Because I am going to breast feed.
  44. Because I am going to breast feed.
  45. Love the breast is half empty attitude, we will get it if we need it.
  46. Uh-huh....
  47. Sure....
  48. Cookies, I am 9 months pregnant that qualifies as dinner.
  49. I will....
  50. I promise, we will call you!

**Disclaimer. This is not meant to offend anyone who has been so kind as to inquire as to how I am doing. You can rest assured that if you know about this blog then you aren't one of the people who this was instigated by. I ask that if you wish to ask then please please ask ask ask. I do wish to hear from you, I love you, you are my friends!!! You are not them.


Mayzie said...

Uh - so does this mean you haven't had the baby yet? How far *are you* from the hospital?

Hee Hee.

You don't need to call me, just an email with pictures will suffice.

andi said...

If I were as pregnant as you are now, I would have just peed my pants. You are hilarious! And I have to admit that I've been a vegetarian for eons, but have recently fallen off the wagon and now occasionally eat fish. I'm always careful to clarify that this does not make me a full vegetarian, though, because that used to infuriate me when other people would say that they were a veggie, but ate fish (or chicken. or beef for that matter).

Michelle said...

The best way to go into labor? Become COMPLETELY content with being pregnant. Decide (and believe) that you'll be totally happy being pregnant forever, and that you're ok with it.

When you get to that point-- You'll go into labor within about 12 hours. Maybe 18.

But ya gotta BELIEVE. Besides, you're gonna miss being able to put your plate on your belly. Or your teacup. Or balance your glass between your boobs and hold it up with your belly while you sit and watch some TV.