Saturday, November 24, 2007

'D' Day +1

Well...that seals it.

You are not like your father.

I have said all along that if you were you would have popped out 15 minutes early with a watch on.

You are late.

Which could be like me.

You are in there procrastinating.
Enjoying the close dark comfort of sleeping late on a rainy morning kind of procrastinating. You know, the kind of morning where you really would not get out of bed unless something forced you to.

Like pitocin.

I am famous for it.
Are you still sleeping??
Yes, yes I am.
And it seems you are too...which is troubling on a few levels.

Where your father is even tempered and stead fast I am dramatic and fickle.

He has the ability to make up his mind on one thing and stick with it. I of course must spend an endless amount of time mulling it over...weighing my options....deciding on something, then half way through totally changing it; morphing it into something that wasn't even on the table in the first place. I will inevitably, when finished, start all over again just so I still have options.

I am impossible.
He is easy going and laid back.

He is a manager and a leader...I can not and will not be managed.

He was content to sit and play with his toys growing up, mechanically inclined he would dismantle them and reassemble them again. He loved his army men and kept them neatly packed in their bucket at the end of the day.

I exploded as a child and my toys were the shrapnel.
I still explode to this day.

What is it we can expect if you are anything like me?

If you are a girl we are very much in too deep already. My mother always wished a daughter on me that was..."just like me". I now realize with growing trepidation how seriously I should have taken that threat at the time..."So"...I sassed back..."she will have great hair".

Although, as impossibly stubborn as I can be, I am also impatient.

For something I know I really want...I rush in. For all the time I can take in making up my mind, when it is set I want immediate action and satisfaction. Just watch me.

My exit from the womb was 3 weeks early.

Yours however....

It's leading me back to the original question which has been nagging these long months.

My impatience growing from an even ebb and flow to a full blown flood.

Who exactly are you?


andi said...

Beautiful post. It's time for you to practice your mommy voice and tell that child to exit post haste! I hope for your sake that it's not too much longer. Arlo was 2 days late - I hope your munchkin isn't any later than that.

Michelle said...

Does "Aunt Flo" come every 28 days?
(Unless there was some medical assisted reproduction which is TOTALLY no one's business but yours.) I have a long follicular phase that makes me have "guests in the house" around every 35-36 days instead of the typical 28. So when everyone else gets preggo on day 14, I don't get knocked up until something like day 21 or 22.

Add 266 days to that (pregnancy is officially 280 days from last period, but really only 266 days from conception) and you get a baby that is fully cooked and later than the due date but not really overdue. My doc said that their protocol doesn't take long cycles into account, because they just want to make sure you weren't pregnant BEFORE the period date you told them. But it will make a nervous doc induce you if he/she thinks you're overdue.

Just wondering if that could be an issue.

Mayzie said...

I'm so sorry the babe's makin' ya must be so frustrating. But just think, if it had been born by now you would be up all night not getting a wink of sleep. Oh wait, that's probably happening anyway.

The big 'O' could help, either self or spouse induced. Hey, it's worth a shot - right?

Cheryl said...

Didn't you tell me that you were sure this babe would be late anyhow? :) Just think.. she/he is giving you that extra few days to make SURE you are going to be prepared. ((hugs)) Did you get my package??

Anonymous said...

I like Michelle! She's a keeper...Good luck at your appt today!

Michelle said...

You think the ole jizz application might work?

Prostaglandins and such.